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SlenderQuest Body Wrap

Nourish, Detoxify, and Lose Inches!

The ancient art of masking and wrapping using amino acids and Dead Sea Clay allows natural elastin to firm up and hold new contours shaped by pressure wraps. Lose 7-12 inches!

Sea Clay Formula Masks the entire body, targeting detoxification, while the Herbal/Aloe/Amino formula, a saturated wrap process, focuses on tissue and nourishment. In about 2 hours, both Slender Quest systems reduce body measurements and clogged tissue, allowing natural elastin to firm up and hold new contours shaped by the pressure wraps. This treatment is not a water loss process!


Guide to Tanning Smart

3 Key Rules 

  1. Tan… don’t sunburn.
  2. Wear your eyewear
  3. Use tanning lotion for best results.

Just the Facts on Tanning… not Burning:

Tanning is a natural process. Your body is biologically designed to produce melanin, which darkens the skin and is a natural free-radical scavenger. By increasing pigmentation a tan is your body’s natural way of protecting you from sunburn; for most people it can be the equivalent of an SPF 4. Sunburns are a totally different process. Sunburn is an injury; the red colour actually is increased blood flow, which is sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done by overexposure to ultraviolet light.

Never Sunburn!

Also, check out Phoenix Energy Fitness Centre for Tanning in Stettler, Alberta. They have the state of the art lay down tanning beds (one 12 minute and one 20 minute) and a 10 minute stand up tanning booth.

Call to book you Vitamin D session today!  403-742-2826