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Manscaping - Waxing and Clipping

Chest $35.00+
Stomach $32.00
Chest and Stomach $50.00
Back $50.00
Just Lower Back $30.00
Under Arms $25.00
Forearms $25.00
Upper Arms $25.00
Full Arms $40.00
½ Leg (Both Legs) $30.00
Upper Leg (Both Legs) $35.00
Full Legs $55.00
Brow Clean Up $15.00
Nape (Back of Neck) $15.00
Full Body for competition Call us for price

Men's Facial

Men's Sport Facial $40.00
Includes a cleanser, facial scrub, toner and moisturizing full facial massage (approximately 30 minutes)  

The Intense Sport

The intense sport also includes a customized facial mask with hot towel treatment (approximately 50 minutes)  

Men's Body Treatment

Treat your back as well as your face with a deep cleansing treatment for the back, neck, and shoulders which removes impurities, refines, smoothes your skin.We recommend this treatment for those with tendencies for acne on their back and shoulders.

Sport Back Treatment $60.00
Intense Sport Back Treatment $80.00

Hand and Foot Care

Includes a nail clean-up, removal of those hard, dry calluses, and a moisturizing massage. Add a touch of warm paraffin wax to seal in the moisture.

Hand Care $40.00
Hand Care with Paraffin $48.00
Foot Care $50.00
Foot Care with Paraffin $58.00